Color Management

Supported by the principles of confidence and secrecy, Bak Gravür provides an excellent service to its customers. Produced cylinders are fully proof printed in accordance with customer satisfaction before delivery. Formulation of inks are also provided with the proofs. Bak Gravür carries out the following works in “Color Management” through specialized staff members, up-to-date programs and devices equipped with state-of-the-art technology:

  • Standardization of the printing house in accordance with ISO Fogra and standards thereof;
  • Establishment of new gradation curves for color management;
  • Preparation of In-House profiles and ICC profiles;
  • Enhancement of printing quality;
  • Elimination of color mismatches and printing with consistent colors.

Software used for color separation includes

  • GMG ColorProof
  • GMG DotProof
  • GMG Colour Server
  • GMG ProofControl
  • Profile Maker
  • X-rite Ink Formulation 6
  • IMS Ink Management Software.