Our Energy is from 100% Renewable Resources!

18 August 2021

We, Bak Gravür Teknolojisi Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ. have been awarded with the I-REC zero carbon emission green electricity certificate, hence accrediting the fact that the electricity we consume is produced from 100% renewable resources. We make it a must to comply with our own sustainability policies to reduce our carbon footprint.

In the scope of sustainability, the company aims to reduce the amount of electricity consumed by utilizing digital energy management technologies, hence moving even beyond the aim of just acquiring the esteemed certificate. Furthermore, we run our operations to detect and fix illegal electricity consumption and hidden malfunctions as soon as possible. Further operations also include employing remote tracking and management systems, replacing end-of-life equipment with brand-new highly efficient, and energy-saving equipment. Indeed, we are progressing steadily to completely eliminate our carbon footprint with renewable energy investments and the energy efficiency projects we are involved in.