At Bakioğlu Holding and Group Companies, we follow a sustainability management model based on an approach that values the climate, nature, our business, people and society. The sustainability strategy that we created to produce sustainable value in the light of our mission, vision and corporate value, is actualized through a participatory organizational structure which is created at Bakioğlu Holding and Group Companies.

Valuing the Climate: As Bakioğlu Holding and Packaging Group Companies, we think that climate change is a significant risk for the future of our planet and the common interest of humanity, and we take responsible approaches to prevent the impact that our operations cause. As Bakioğlu Holding and Packaging Group Companies, while determining our management approach, practices and future goals, we take into consideration the mission of making the fight against climate change an everlasting one. For this purpose, we aim to accurately understand the impacts of our operations, products and services on climate change and reduce these as much as possible. We set our strategies and targets with this understanding, manage climate risks with a comprehensive perspective, and reduce climate impacts through practices and projects we developed following a preventative approach.

Valuing Nature: Circular economy practices, which provide significant advantages in terms of raw material efficiency and the control of environmental impacts arising from consumption, not only help in combat against major environmental problems such as climate, biodiversity and air pollution, but also offer economic opportunities. At Bakioğlu and Group Companies, we consider it a sectoral mission to offer recyclable packaging alternatives from bio-based materials and to conduct studies to produce lower weight and lower volume packages, and we carry out research and investment activities in this regard. We select the raw materials we use in our production from recyclable, environmentally friendly raw materials. In this regard, all our Group Companies adopt a circular economy approach and seize the opportunity to use recycled, reclaimed, bio-based raw materials and supplies with low environmental impact in comparison to their counterparts.

Valuing Our Business: As Bakioğlu Holding and Packaging Group Companies, we provide services for a large customer portfolio with different expectations and qualifications, from mid-market local businesses to multinational foundations, with our strong technology infrastructure and experience. While we offer our products and services in product groups where sterility is important, such as hygiene, stationery and textile products, in addition to product groups with sensitive reliability requirements such as food, our main focus is always on the safe use of our customers' products by consumers. In this sense, we work to increase our service quality by making improvements in our business processes as well as our products, and by conducting activities related to compliance with national and international standards.

Valuing People: The source of the quality level we have attained in the development process we have carried out over the years and in every new project we have implemented, and also the source of the success level we have achieved in the capacity to constantly improve our market presence is the labor and dedication of our employees. For this reason, we consider our employees as a driving force that will make our success permanent in the future. In this regard, we provide our employees with a peaceful working environment where diversity and inclusiveness are respected and where development is supported.

Valuing the Society: As Bakioğlu Holding, we aim to increase the added value we created in society by carrying out studies in social development areas alongside our main field of activity. In this context, as Bakioğlu Holding and Group Companies, we develop projects together with various stakeholder groups, especially non-governmental organizations, public institutions and organizations, and also support similar social development activities that are created outside our companies. In this regard, we focus more on environment and education fields with our social project and sponsorship activities.