Corporate Philosophy


To cement our position as a world-renowned group of companies that creates value for the country by achieving the best standards in all its fields of activity through continuous investment and development.


To preserve our structure as a family company made up of domestic capital, rank among the top 5 flexible packaging manufacturers in Europe by 2025 and achieve a sales volume of 1 billion Euros.

Corporate Values

VALUE FOR PEOPLE – We value people.

Our focus is “people”. We consider people as a “value”, rather than a “resource”. We begin all our activities by saying “People first".

TRUST- We give trust.

We build relations based on trust. We do what we promise, and own our job, responsibilities, values and one another. We care to ensure integrity of our words and actions, and thereby give trust.

FAIRNESS- Fairness is our tenet.

We act in a culture of accountable, transparent and just organization. We lay importance on equal opportunities, and display “just approaches” towards our business and human relations.

QUALITY & SOLUTION CENTRICITY- We act with a focus on quality and solution.

We act in a constructive and improving manner in all our processes. We attach importance to quality for both our customers’ and employees’ satisfaction and trust, while exhibiting solution-oriented approaches. Thanks to this approach, we create “value” in all our local and international initiatives, pursuing our goal to become a global company.

DEVELOP & IMPROVE- To Develop & Improve is what we do.

We know that sustainability can only be achieved through development, change and innovation. We invest not only in technology, production and facilities but also in people. We share knowledge and enhance corporate memory. «We improve as we develop».

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – We are aware of our social responsibilities.

We are sensitive to developments in our country and around us. We fulfill the tasks that are due upon us. We care about our nation, cultural values, family and environment.