Human Values and Corporate Development Policy

As Bakioğlu Holding's Human Values and Corporate Development department, in line with our Group's mission definition, that, our mission is to remain as a globally respected enterprise by adding value to our country by achieving the "best" in every field we operate, we aim;

  • To be the preferred enterprise of a qualified workforce that has internalized universal values such as being “fair, liberal, participative and egalitarian”,
  • To prepare our organization for the possible changes in terms of quality and quantity, by understanding the changes that are realized around the world and in the industry,
  • To keep our employee profile updated in line with the group strategy,
  • To provide our employees with realistic and sustainable feedback within the framework of the individual performance management system designed in conformity with the group's goals and strategies and to ensure their professional development,
  • To offer our employees the opportunity to improve themselves in various fields, gain experience and participate in the management through assignments in different departments of the organization,
  • To improve employee experience, satisfaction and loyalty by maintaining a happy and peaceful work environment, and
  • To be a strategic partner through our Sustainable Human Values Policies.

We believe that the only way to achieve all these goals is working with the right talents who love what they do.

The exciting future in which we aim to realize many more initiatives and carry out many firsts, will be Everlasting With You...